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Message from the President

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In Japan to date, industrial furnaces have been developed by introducing Western technology. However, at Furnace Juko, our unrivaled range of industrial furnaces and peripheral equipment outperforms this, while remaining true to our motto of “contributing to society with creative technologies” ever since our founding.

Creative technology which took 17 years  to perfect has now won wide acclaim, not only from consumers in Japan but also worldwide.

As is well-known, industrial furnaces fulfill roles in all industrial fields. However, as a manufacturer, providing furnaces to cover such wide-ranging applications and meet customers’ needs from an advanced perspective is time-consuming, costly and demanding work. It is frankly a huge challenge, as evidenced clearly by the many previous failures of industrial furnace makers.

Within the wide scope of demand for industrial furnaces, we focus on the most failure-prone areas and apply unique technology to the same, at a level far superior to existing technologies. We also strive to advance our primary goal, namely to commercialize cost-effective products with standardization.

In terms of carbon dioxide emissions, which have recently become a key environmental concern, ROTAVECT has achieved a reduction of 65~75%, which is equivalent to 65~75% energy saving and a tremendous performance.

Moreover, our other original high-performance products, fill numerous key industry roles. We will continue striving ceaselessly to boost the development of all our customers.