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1963 Foundation of Saneikousan. Handled the design, production and sale of various types of industrial furnaces.
1964 Developed the multitubular contact ammonia cracking furnace.
1969 Developed the conveyer-type continuous heat treatment furnace and heating furnace.
1971 Changed the company name to Furnace Juko Co., Ltd..
1972 Relocated head office to Yoshikawa City and built a new plant.
1975 Developed a rotary heating furnace, ROTAVECT R type
1978 Developed a rotary heating furnace, the ROTAVECT DHF type
1985 Developed a fully-automatic material feeding system, the Rabbit Feeder
1988 Built the second plant in Yoshikawa City (Headquarters)
1988 Offered expertise to Chugai Ro Co., Ltd.
1989 Offered expertise to KUMWON Co.,LTD. in Korea
1990 Won a  Prize in the Invention Competition of the Institute of Invention and Innovation for nitrocarburizing and oxygen-free furnaces
1993 Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. Capital participation
1994 Established Furnace Ecology Co., Ltd.
Built a new plant and new office (Takeda City of Oita Prefecture)
1999 Offered expertise to Furnace Korea
Developed an automatic forging heating line of compressor parts for car air-conditioners
(aluminum forging product) (2-second cycle time)
Developed a continuous heat treatment facility for car air-conditioner compressor parts
(aluminum forging product)
2000 Developed an induction heater billet preheating furnace system
(NEDO Facility for rational energy use)
2001 Developed a new type of aluminum heat treatment furnace Featured in the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
2002 Received a patent for a fast heatup furnace
Won the Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent Technology and Small and Medium
Enterprise Agency Awards for Excellence Developed an aluminum wheel fully-automatic heat treatment facility
2006 Merged with Furnace Ecology Co., Ltd.
Renamed Kyushu Plant of Furnace Juko Co., Ltd.
2009 Received a patent for a circulating hot air oven (heat treatment furnace)
2011 Developed an automated heat treatment facility for a set of two aluminum wheels
2012 Developed an automated heat treatment facility for a set of four aluminum wheels
2017 Kyushu factory No. 2 factory completed
Exhibited at "Thermotech 2017 7 th International Industrial Furnace · Related Equipment Exhibition"