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Basic policy

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Basic policy of Furnace Juko

Contributing to customers’ prosperity with creative technologies

Our original products create a win-win for customers and our company, as well as contributing to the development of international society. Let’s welcome the challenge toward creative technologies.

Human dignity

Adding mutual light to our lives as we cultivate the best of human nature, aiming to sustain and improve economic and cultural lives to ensure an affluent and pleasant workplace.

Mutual concessions and courtesy

Let us all champion humbleness and courtesy above all and remain physically and mentally sound as cheerful and pleasant members of society.

Friendly cooperation, fairness

The basis of enduring navigation is collective effort and the will to see the truth.

Gratitude and service

Remaining aware and retaining responsibilities that come with being born into society and cultivating a grateful and merciful outlook.

The Goals of Furnace Juko
  • To deliver products of improved quality, collectively saving energy, power and space.
  • To promote the standardization of unique technologies and target the commercialization of cost-effective products.
  • To reduce carbon dioxide emissions and protect the Earth.