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Privacy policy

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Furnace Juko Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) assign chief privacy officers to ensure the proper management of personal information.

Declaration of Protecting Personal Information

Today, in a society of information communication, with Internet penetration, the social responsibility of companies who utilize the Internet and business operators who handle personal information is becoming increasingly important. We hereby declare the following basic policy to protect personal information, reflecting our intention to handle such personal information properly as a company.

Privacy Policy

When our company acquires personal information, we do so by lawful and fair means, and on a strictly limited basis, only as required for business purposes.

  • As a general rule, the personal information we acquire may not be disclosed to any third party without the written permission of any individual in question. However those in Furnace Juko Co., Ltd. involved may share personal information (limited only to the extent necessary for liaison such as name, information on job position or company affiliation, address and telephone number). Also when required for disclosure by a national agency such as courts, police, etc. and local government by law, we may disclose personal information without the consent of the person in question.
  • Based on the personal information we obtain, we may deliver information believed to be beneficial to any individual by e-mail, post, etc. Any individual not wishing to receive distribution of this information can discontinue the service by letting us know.
  • If any individual would like to refer to/correct the personal information we hold on him/her, please inform Furnace Juko Co., Ltd. and we will respond pursuant to the procedures specified by our company (may be chargeable).
  • Concerning inquiries concerning the handling of the personal information we hold, we will strive to ensure an appropriate response. Contact  details will be separately announced.
  • Concerning the handling of the personal information we have obtained, we will comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning said personal information and review and improve our approach to the handling of personal information where appropriate.

Furnace Juko Co., Ltd.
Michiaki Nishida