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Episode 2 Symbiosis with the environment


Episode 2 Symbiosis with the environment

If it’s not environmentally friendly,
we can’t call it technology.

Technology to halve the heat treatment time,
not only slashing processing costs,
but also enabling heat consumption to be reduced by more than half,
and significantly cutting CO2 emissions.

All this is no accident,
but the goal the company strove for since its inception.
Based on our stated missions of
“Contributing to society through technical innovation”
“Remaining environmentally friendly”,
we take pride in our end product.

In Takeda City, Oita Prefecture,
on the land used to construct our Oita factory,
200 tons of spring water pours out each hour.
Tapping into this natural energy to heat and cool the work environment,
we successfully established comfortable working conditions without burdening mother nature.
Employees now work with the sound of water babbling.
And so, keeping the water we use pure,
and thankful for this bounty, we return it back to nature.

All our business activity involves symbiosis with the environment,
reflecting our hope and our belief.