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10 May. 2024
We have changed the name of our Saitama accounting department office from "Koshigaya Office" to "Koshigaya AD".
26 Feb. 2024
We have opened "Koshigaya DD" as our Saitama design department office.
1st Nov. 2023
Notice of opening of Koshigaya office
11 Sep. 2023
A technology licensing signing ceremony was held with Indonesian company PT.TRIMITRA INTIGRAHA PRATAMA.
20 Mar. 2023
We have completed the patent registration for the patent pending T7 heat treatment furnace for aluminum die-casting parts.
1st Aug. 2022
Our company has been registered as a FANUC robot member.
15 Apl. 2022
We have developed a T7 heat treatment furnace for aluminum die-cast parts. A new "elevating quick air cooling device" has been developed and installed in the quenching device. * Patent pending
30 Apl. 2021
We've updated our website.
1st Feb. 2021
We've opened our site for employment opportunities.

Towards a sustainable world.
This dream will come true with technology.

Towards a Sustainable World-.
Furnace JUKO will realize a sustainable world from the domain of industrial furnaces with circulating hot air technology.
The name of the industrial furnace is ROTAVECT.
ROTAVECT is the name of Furnace JUKO's proprietary rotary hearth industrial furnace.
By applying heat to products, the industrial furnace makes products easier to process, improves their structures, and increases the strength of the products.
However, when attempting to process many products at one time with only the heat source, the temperature will inevitably become uneven.
This is where Furnace JUKO makes it possible to provide heat uniformly and quickly for materials to be heated by circulating hot air in all of our furnaces.
This results in the quality of products being more stable, the furnace more compact, and reduction in the use of the heat source and allowing us to contribute to society with energy conservation.
This is Furnace JUKO’s ROTAVECT.

Furnace Juko Co., Ltd. Foundation June 1963

Headquarters•Saitama Plant

940 Kamiuchikawa, Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
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Oita Plant

633-1 Watase, Taketa City, Oita Prefecture, Japan
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Koshigaya AD

Shin-Koshigaya Plaza Pill 601, 4-9-6 Minamikoshigaya, Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture Japan
TEL: +81-48-961-8594 FAX:+81-48-961-8595

Koshigaya DD

RS BLD. 101, 2-6-34 Kawarazone, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama City, JAPAN
TEL. +81-48-940-9480 FAX. +81-48-940-9481